Getting help with BCE

  • Installation: Instructions for self-paced installation.

  • Next BCE install sessions: During scheduled sessions, experts are available to help you install and get familiar with BCE. The next session is: None Scheduled at this time; please request help via the support forum

  • Support Forum: Ask the community for support via email.

Important: If there are any patch files or add-on scripts associated with a given VM then after you import the VM into VirtualBox (or start an EC2 instance using the VM), you should copy the patch file/add-on script to the VM, click on the Terminal Emulator icon, and then run the following at the command-line prompt, substituting the name of the specific file/script in place of :

oski@BCE:~$ sudo bash <name_of_patch_file> ; exec bash

The same instructions apply to use any of the add-on scripts we provide for adding software/functionality to the VM.